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I help ambitious women to become better listeners to their intuition & empower them with the confidence to accomplish what they truly desire in life and sport.


Having been coaching equestrians for over a decade, one thing I've learned is that success in the saddle directly translates to how we show up in our day to day life.

I've spent a lot of time using my understanding of what athletes struggle with in the tack to radically transform the way we use our minds in the sport.

For years of my life I was buried in the hustle and stuck in subconscious beliefs that so many things we're out of reach. Doing this work I've learned that I can weather any storm, hold a deep love and compassion for myself, recognize negative thought patterns and trust that I have the power to choose what I'm available for.

I've interviewed hundreds of other accomplished women in the space building businesses, dealing with limiting beliefs, overcoming judgement, working to the point of burn out or losing their identities.


There is an undeniable connection between our confidence, what we believe is true about ourselves and what we can accomplish in life.


Working as a coach has inspired me to revolutionize the way that I embody self-love, confidence, ambition, success, relationships and the beliefs I have about what is possible. Every day I get to wake up inspired about the possibilities of what's next & share my experiences with clients so that they can do the same.


It's my mission to help you find your voice, purpose & epic confidence to move through life in a way that's authentic to you.


Whether you're looking for guidance in the relationship you have with your horse,

generating a life filled with passion,

or to redesign the relationship you have with yourself,

you've come to the right place.


"While most people’s days have 24 hours, I believe Jess’ has 36. Her life is horses. We are so fortunate to have found Jess to train our daughter to be the best equestrian she can be. Jess excels at teaching her clients how to treat horses with respect,  how to ride to the horse’s strengths,  and how to create a trusting partnership with a horse. Whether it be in competition, training rides, or leisurely hacks, the horse and rider are always working together to make the most out of each ride."

—  D. Stroobosscher

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