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What is private mentorship?

If you've been feeling pulled towards something more - more clarity, more confidence, more connection, more self love, more excitement, more time, more purpose and you're ready to level up your life - 

this is for you.

You're tired of being obsessed about what other people think, struggling to connect to your intuition, wanting to take chances but procrastinating, feeling stressed, unable to step into the power of who you are & what you want because the voice inside is always making you question yourself.

You know that the life you desire is possible for you, but you also know that you're getting in your own way. Are you ready to knock out those limiting beliefs, stop procrastinating, take massive action and quit feeling overwhelmed trying to figure it all out?

This program is designed to wipe out the self doubt and guide you towards living a life you love. You'll receive the support and accountability you know you need to stop holding yourself back from everything that's possible.

You can have it all.

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This work has revolutionized the way that I live my life. 

It's given me the confidence to take risks, start my own business, jump into opportunities I never would've considered and the freedom to create a life that makes me genuinely inspired.

As ambitious & multi-passionate women it's so easy to lose who we are in the pursuit of the things we think we want. This type of personal support has allowed me to prioritize myself, live in a state of abundance, feel purposeful and limitless in what's available to me.

Are you ready to open the door to the possibilities?

Stop letting the fear hold you back from making big moves? Change careers? Let go of the self judgement? Rediscover who you are? Magnetize more peace, abundance, love and true freedom into your life?

Before 1:1

  • overwhelmed inside your own head

  • directionless with your goals

  • anxious about what people think

  • disconnected from your body

  • rushed in your day to day

  • exhausted regardless of resting

  • perfectionism keeps you stuck

  • not enough in multiple areas of your life

  • desperate for others to like and understand you 

After 1:1

  • mindful of your inner dialogue

  • clear on what you want to achieve

  • grounded in the present

  • connected to your body and intuition

  • energized about life

  • aligned with your values

  • worthy of love, joy and abundance

  • confident in who you are as a person

  • balanced within your priorities

Are you ready to level up?

What we will cover:

1) Rediscovering YOU

- desire mapping

- values and alignment

- inner dialogue and comparison

- subconscious beliefs

- mind body connection

2) Techniques & tools 

- motivation and habit stacking

- actionable awareness

- confidence and intuition

- personal boundary setting

- journaling prompts and meditations

3) Implementation

- rewiring limiting beliefs

- embodiment of the highest self 

- organization and time blocking

- energy and attraction practices

- redesigning life in alignment

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Inside the program you will recieve:

12 weekly 1:1 60 minute high touch coaching calls to go over all of the concept you need support with and learn how to implement practices to spark change in your life.

Unlimited messaging support via Voxer - anything on your mind? Felt a negative thought pop up? Struggling with something or just had a big win? I'm here. 

Customized tools, techniques & valuable resources designed just for you to embody the things we are working on in real time.

Integral exercises and homework after each call.

Options for additional support

& accountability.

This is for you if:

  • you're ready to take responsibility for creating your reality

  • you're committed to showing up for the work

  • you're excited to pursue a better version of yourself

  • you're ready to invest in your personal growth

  • you're open to receiving guidance and ready to have a personal cheerleader every step of the way!

12 Week 1:1

Are you ready to stop feeling overwhelmed, directionless, unsure & start feeling confident, in control, inspired, abundant and begin the journey discovering the new you?

Why this program?

For the better part of my twenties I was completely in my own way.

I was in a toxic relationship that I always seemed to talk myself back into,

burying myself in cycles of debt, ignoring my chronic pain, fatigue,

stress and all of the major signs of astronomical burnout.

I drove myself into the ground trying to achieve "success" because of how deeply I tied it to my worth and deservingness of love.

And then, I wound up in the hospital.

It started with the unbearable pain, then the constant flu symptoms, and then the panic attacks. To this day I wouldn't have believed you in the moment if you had told me the mental gymnastics and torture I was putting myself through was causing my nervous system to go into a complete spiral.

I would have screamed that "you can't just think your way out of crippling pain".

But I had thought myself into it.

The reality I thought I was observing, I had been creating.

Every horrible thing that kept happening to me, I was inviting.

I wanted love, success, acceptance and happiness so desperately that my subconscious was willing to accept "good enough" because deep down I didn't really feel like I deserved more. I harboured so much shame about myself, my body, my past, my decisions, my relationships that I would do anything not to admit the truth to myself.

Since then I've completely immersed myself in personal growth, attended masterclasses, invested in personal development coaching and soaked up everything I could possibly learn about creating a fulfilled life. It's everything that has helped me change the course of my trajectory so that I get to wake up every day feeling inspired for what's next.

I am here to help you do the same.


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Still unsure if private mentorship is for you?

Let's chat.